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Petroleum and related Legislation

Petroleum legislation aims to regulate sector operations and determine the sharing of the petroleum revenues and income between the State and the entity authorised to undertake these operations. It also aims to maximise and preserve monetary benefits in the long term and foster exploration.


Petroleum Licensing

If you want to sell petroleum products to consumers for end use, you must apply for a wholesale licence from the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. The licence allows you to buy petroleum products in bulk (1 500 litres or more, per transaction of petroleum products) from a licensed manufacturer, and to sell it to end users. The licence is valid for as long as your business operates.



When spouses have marital problems, they can either try to save the marriage through counselling or if there is no chance of saving the marriage, they can decided to dissolve the marriage through a divorce. When can spouses get a divorce? What will happen to the children upon divorce? How will the property be divided upon divorce? How can a person get a divorce?



Insolvency is a state of financial distress in which a business or person is unable to pay their bills. It can lead to insolvency proceedings, in which legal action will be taken against the insolvent person or entity, and assets may be liquidated to pay off outstanding debts.



A solvent company or close corporation may be wounded up voluntarily by members or by a creditor by the adoption of a Special resolution by the company or close corporation. The resolution must be filed with the CIPC by filing the CoR40.1 with supporting documents.



A contract is an agreement entered into between two or more parties with the serious intention of creating a legal obligation. Contracts provide a legal framework which regulates dealings between parties and provides the peace of mind that the law will uphold their agreements and enforce them if necessary.



Joseph Murray Kotze (BProc)

Petroleum and related Legislation

Murray Kotze has specialised for 37 years in the petroleum industry.

Matthew Robson

Company Law, General Litigation

Matthew Robson is an expert in company and contractual law. 

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